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Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Fashion Show Update: This Week's Winners

It is the end of the week, so it is time to review the Fashion Show winners.
As always, Bobby's Fashion Show was very popular among Builders, so it wasn't easy to pick the best of the best. The lucky winners are below.

On Monday, the first theme was Winter Clothing. Bellaswan89 won 50 Gold Coins/SuperShills for her great seasonal outfit.

Next theme was Rock Star. Red_october won this one and got 50 Gold Coins/SuperShills.

The last theme for the first party of the week was Yellow. The winner - silver1549 - received 100 Gold Coins/SuperShills.

On Tuesday the show started with a Craziest Outfit theme. The winner was pirategirl, who got 50 Gold Coins/SuperShills.

Next theme for the day was Holiday Outfits and the 50 Gold Coin/SuperShill prize went to zack827.

Sasha308 was the last winner of Tuesday's Fashion Show. She received 100 Gold Coins/SuperShills for her vampire-themed outfit.

On Thursday the party started with a Zombie theme. Joker911xoxo won this one and went home with 50 Gold Coins/SuperShills.

The second theme of the day was Slumber Party, and the winner - sodapop51598 - received 50 Gold Coins/SuperShills.

The last theme for the week was Coolest Accessories, and the big prize of 100 Gold Coins/SuperShills went to the most deserving candidate - johnsters.

Next week Bobby will be back for more, so be ready and stock up your closets with interesting items!
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