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Monday, December 27, 2010

Crooked Pencil Article of the Week: "The Dance of Glident" by Princess Elyon

Its 11:47 at night, the small town square is silent.
I'm waiting for the clock to strike, so I can perform the Dance of Glident.
I set the many torches, around the edge of the pavement.
I decorate them with silver string, and gold wool from the down-stairs basement.
I run to my black leather bag, and as I do
I look, to see the clock reading clearly, 11:52.
There isn't much time left at all, and I hurry to get dressed.
I change into my azure skirt, feeling all the while distressed.
I tie my hair up into a bun, encircling it with wire.
I grab a match and strike it, creating a glowing fire.
I run around the torches, midnight is finally here!
The torches light up with a spark, and the blaze form galloping deer.
I dance around the fountain, one step leap! Two step, leap!
Twirl onto the fifth stone, deer leap, deer leap!
I finish the Dance of Glident, the deer start to fade away.
The torches' light disappear, and the leaves start to sway!
Magic is forming in the air, and then and there I know,
this village will be safe, until next year, when it snows.
Now you know the Dance of Glident. Promise to me please...
you will not tell anyone of this dance, or the dance will begin to exist.
Renaissance 2.0 Media Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.