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Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Fashion Show Update: Last Week's Winners

I hope you had a great weekend, guys and gals! Since a new week is starting, it is time for an update on last week's Fashion Show winners. If you missed any of Bobby's parties, here is the place to learn how things went.

Last Monday's first theme was Rock Stars. The winner was pedro978 - he won a DJ table.

Next theme was Sporty Outfits. Winner: JU000 Prize: hanging chair

The final theme was Zombies. coolchick2001 got the big prize - fashion runway!

Tuesday's party started with a Mix and Match theme. The winner dylan304 received a hanging chair.

Next theme was Winter. The deserving winner was nitepoise. Her prize: DJ table.

The last theme of that day was Black and White. There were many good costumes, but the best one was tattoz and he got a fashion stage.

On Thursday last week Bobby started the show with a Summer theme. Winner: sophie898. Her prizes were a dance floor and a cheerleader dress.

Next theme was Punk Star. Best of all was dyonde. His prize: a dance floor and an electric guitar.

Finally, Bobby decided to have a Wizard or Witch theme. The big prize of the day - a deluxe TV - went to raker.

Congratulations to all of last week's winners! We're eager to find out where the big prizes will go this week. You can't win if you don't participate, so be there and be ready to dress up! Next party is on Tuesday, at 4:00pm PST.

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