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Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Fashion Show Update: Last Week's Winners

I know that some of you are unable to attend all of Bobby's Fashion Shows, so from now on I'll give you a weekly update on the winners.

Last Tuesday's first theme was Mix and Match. The best dressed Builder was partygirl112. She won one of those cool hanging chairs.

The second theme of that day was Winter. A lot of people were wearing short sleeves, so Bobby had a difficulty picking a winner, but finally he chose one: mmiiaa. She got a baby crib.

The final theme for last Tuesday was Halloween. There were many great-looking candidates, but the big prize - a fashion stage - went to sammycullen123.

On Thursday last week we got the party started with the same theme - Halloween. This time around the winner was syrah14. She got a fish tank as a reward.

The second theme of that day was Wizard or Witch. A lot of people did great, but Bobby picked cooldude225. His prize was a dj table.

The final theme for last Thursday was Vampires. The big winner was hawkeyes123. He won a fashion stage. After winning he disappeared in the crowd, so I couldn't take a picture of him :) I hope just a shout out from here would be enough.

So that's pretty much all from last week's Fashion Shows. Expect another look back next week.

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