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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costume Contests 2010 - Day 1

Today Bobby gave a start to the Halloween celebrations on SecretBuilders. As previously announced, the first costume contest started at 9am PST, and the second one - at 3pm PST. The starting times will remain the same for tomorrow's and Saturday's parties. Stock up your closet with Halloween clothes and accessories and you might win one of the big prizes - SuperShill furniture, clothing, or 500 SuperShills. There is also one grand prize of 5000 (!!!) SuperShills that will be awarded to one lucky winner at the last party on Saturday!

If you couldn't make it today, that's what one of the parties looked like:

And here are some of today's winners. Great job, guys!!!

If you want to see your face here tomorrow - make sure you attend at least one of the two contests.


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