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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Talk Show with Confucius Today

Over a hundred SecretBuilders were in the audience today to hear Confucius talk with Joebar.

In case you didn't know, he's a famous Chinese thinker whose philosophy emphasized governmental morality, social relationships, justice, and sincerity. Confucius shared that he was born in 551 BCE to a warrior family and that he lived in poverty with his mother. Regardless of their difficulties, his mother helped him keep on top of his studies.

Joebar's guest wanted to make the world a better place and believed very strongly in self-cultivation and the attainment of skilled judgment instead of a knowledge of rules. His teachings later became known to us in the West as “Confucianism.” It teaches that human beings are teachable, improvable, and perfectible through self-creation and cultivation! Confucius told the audience that he believed that humans should work together to build an ideal society. Instead of performing actions that serve one individual’s own interests, that individual should work toward enhancing the greater good of society - that was his big message for everyone.

Even though it was quite crowded, the people in the audience listened carefully and even made comments. It's awesome that more and more SecretBuilders are interested in learning more about the famous people who appear on the Talk Shows. After the show was over Joebar shared with me that next week's guest is a very famous philosopher, but I am not telling more... Come next week and find out who he is for yourself :)

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