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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Socrates Shares His Philosophy With SecretBuilders

At today's Talk Show Joebar had invited the famous Greek philosopher Socrates! Most of what we know about Socrates is what we have read from later writers, so it was cool to hear his story from himself!

He shared that he had been born to a stonemason and a midwife, and had married a beautiful young woman named Xanthippe. And, as everyone knows, he devoted his life to the most important art: discussing philosophy. Most people hadn't heard that to earn his living, Socrates took over stonemasonry from his father and also served in the Athenian military.

The Greek philosopher admitted to often being at odds with his fellow Athenians. He said that some people got frustrated with him because he was notorious for asking questions, but not for answering them. He was even put on trial more than once, for heresy. They accused him of corrupting the minds of young Athenians.

Joebar was curious how much Socreates really knew and asked him that. In response, Socrates said that he only knows that he knows nothing. He said that he's aware of his own ignorance, and that he believes that wrongdoing is a consequence of ignorance, done by people who don’t know any better.

That's what I call a philosopher - you have to listen very carefully to get his ideas, but once you do - it is totally worth it! How lucky we are to have had the chance to listen to Socrates talk about his beliefs...

I wonder who's Joebar's guest next week... I'll go ask him :)

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