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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our New Contest - Healthy Bytes - Starts Tomorrow!

How exciting! A Healthy Recipe Contest on SecretBuilders!
You can start submitting your entries from tomorrow. Use your imagination and help us say NO to junk food at school and at home!

Healthy Bytes is a series of creative contests for parents and children, to be held once a quarter.

The goals of The Healthy Bytes contest series are:
- Teach elementary and middle school children the basics of a healthy diet and nutrition and the benefits of an active lifestyle
- Promote a healthy diet and an active and drug-free lifestyle among parents and children
- Raise awareness of the childhood obesity epidemic and the fast food culture among children and their parents
- Raise awareness of an inactive lifestyle and alcohol and tobacco usage among teens and Tweens

In each contest, the student submitting the winning entry will:
- Receive cash prize
- Have cash donated on their behalf to their school
- Get 1 year membership on SecretBuilders
- Have their entry publicized by, Revolution Foods and other sponsors to their communities and in the Media
- Have their entry featured on

Various prizes and recognition will be given to the top finalists as well.

For easy access to the contest, click the Contests icon on your SecretBuilders menu.

Good luck, everyone!

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