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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Edgar Allan Poe Visits SecretBuilders

Earlier today the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe took part in Joebar's popular talk show.

Mr. Poe was pleased by the audience and gladly spoke about his work. He said that he began his career with writing poems. He had published a book of poems that no one really paid attention to, according to him, but he didn't let that stop him. That's some great attitude there!

It turned out he was the first well-known American writer to try to make living on writing alone! He confessed that this has been very difficult for him. Joebar's guest complained that many publishers of the time would refuse to pay writers, and if they did they would pay late! He said that in his time publishers preferred to pirate copies of British works rather than pay for new work by Americans.

At one point Mr. Poe decided to switch to prose after his early attempts at poetry, and he published a few stories. He had much more success with stories than poems and thanks to that success he even got a job as an assistant editor at a periodical. He wrote more poems and stories, and when he published “The Raven” it turned into an instant success. Everyone seemed to know his name, he said, but again, those publishers only paid him $9 for it!

Joebar noted that it is nice to know that Edgar Allan Poe liked to write fun stories too, not just dark depressing ones, and his guest admitted that he loved writing those.

Later on the author talked about his career as a literary critic and about his most popular writings. In the end the audience had a chance to ask a few questions. The host thanked his guest and invited him to come again some day.

Don't miss Joebar's talk shows next Wednesday. They start at 1pm and at 5pm PST. The guests are always very interesting, so don't miss out!

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