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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Today's Winners of Bobby's Fashion Show Contest

A shout-out to Kajol01, Demizilla, and Allaboutme!!!

They were quick to change in accordance with the different themes and managed to look great! Kajol01 won the Crazy Hair theme with his green-yet-stylish Kullen hairstyle. He went home with a hanging chair! Demizilla jumped into a football uniform for the Sporty Outfits round and won a baby crib. And, finally, Allabout me was the best looking in the Cool Accessories round with her electric guitar, funky shades, vampire fangs, and flying carpet board! You can see for yourselves that she just looked awesome!!! It was not a surprise that she won the fashion stage today. Congrats to the winners and a pat on the back for everyone else who came - you also did pretty good, guys!
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