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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Get To DJ_Mariya's Parties

I had one of my cool dance parties today and noticed that some people tend to get lost on the way to the party. So, I decided I need to give you detailed instructions :)

What you see above is my Tree Top. From there you could clearly see my house, my pool and my castle. You just have to click on whichever you want to go to, and you'll be transported there.

But how to get to the Tree Top, you would ask... It's easier than you might think.
First, you become my buddy. Secondly, you click on me and go to my house pressing the house icon on my card (you'll be transported there immediately). Lastly, once in my home, exit through the door to the right and you'll find yourself on my Tree Top.
Easy, right?

Now a note on my castle. It has three floors. When you enter it, you're on the first floor. Use the stairs to go to the second floor and you'll arrive at Kuku's nursery (that's where I usually have my pet parties). From there, using the stairs again, you could go to the third floor, where I usually have my dance parties.

Guys, please, write those instructions down if you have to. I don't want anyone who wants to come to be left out.

Thanks to everyone, who made it to the dance party today! You were awesome!

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