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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Times at the Market Place

Yesterday I mentioned that I can't wait to explore the new lands on SecretBuilders and here I am today - checking out the Market Place.

You can see that I was still wearing my vacation clothes - I needed to buy some new skirts and shirts, and, of course, some party items for my next party.
Naturally, I first went to the Clothing Shop. You bet that I liked it very much and tried on a ton of clothes :)

Only after I spent an hour at the first clothing shop did I notice that there's another one, called "Fashion Playtes" OMG!!! You can design your custom clothes there!!! I had just bought a lot of new stuff from the previous store, but I promised myself that I'd come back soon to make myself some unique clothes. You'll be the first to see them, I promise ;)

Tired and overwhelmed by all that trying on and shopping, I barely made it to the party shop. I was done quickly with that and headed back home where Kuku, my pet monkey, was waiting for me to feed him. After I played with him a little, I put all my new clothes in my closet and went to bed - tired but happy from my day.

Talk again tomorrow,
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