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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion Show Friday

You may have already heard about the hottest new show on SecretBuilders - Bobby's Fashion Show. I heard so many nice things about it that I decided to check it out today. WOW! It was sooo good! You don't want to miss it, trust me! Everyone gets a chance to show off their unique style and to win awesome AWESOME prizes. Today Bobby gave away a couch, a speaker, and... a fashion show stage!!!

The first round of the show Bobby asked for the craziest outfits, and, luckily, I was wearing my Chef Hat :D LOL. I thought I was pretty crazy, but I didn't win... However, there were some of my buddies there who proclaimed me to be the winner. That really touched me!!! Thanks, my friends! I am sorry I couldn't see who you were, because it was so crowded, but I really appreciate your support! <3

Hehe, some of the people who recognized me didn't miss the chance to put a spell (or a few) on me, but I actually like those - they're so much fun! I suspect Bobby himself might have had something to do with that... We'll see ;)

I can't wait till next week.
Maybe I'll win something then :P
What a nice way to end your week...

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