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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Talk Show with Magellan

It is Wednesday again - time goes by so fast!
And what is so special about Wednesdays? The SecretBuilders Talk Shows, of course! Yet another famous person accepted Joebar's invitation and answered questions in front of our curious audience. I am talking about the great traveler Ferdinand Magellan.

Magellan introduced himself briefly and then Joebar and the audience started asking questions. We learned that Magellan was born in 1480 in Portugal in a rich family. He was very interested in maps and traveling, so he started exploring the world through various trips. Magellan wanted to go to the Spice Islands, but the Portuguese King didn't support him. So, Magellan left Portugal in 1518 and headed to Spain. In 1519 the Spanish King supported Magellan's desire to travel to the Spice Islands and provided him with 5 ships and 251 men. This trip turned out to be the first voyage around the world.

Amazed by his interesting stories, the audience kept asking more questions about his ships, about the hardships the crew went through, and about the end result of the trip. It turned out that only 18 people returned safely to Spain, so the voyage had been hard and costly in many ways. It took them three years to complete it, but in the end it was the first trip ever around the world, and that's what people remember to this day.

WOW! So interesting! I love Geography!
I wonder who's coming next week... Can't wait to find out...

By the way, just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten that I promised to show you my renovated castle - I'll probably post pictures on Friday. Thanks for your patience!

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