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Friday, June 11, 2010

Ta-daaaaa: Check Out My Renovated Castle

Hey guys :)

I promised I'll give you a guided tour of my castle and today is the day!

Let's start with the first floor:

It was originally painted in pink and purple, but I wanted to make it my own, so I chose orange and green as main colors. I love the shield and the tapestry on the walls!

The door to the right leads to the first floor balcony:

I turned it into a chess club! Did you like the idea? I really hope that many of you would come to play some chess on my balcony.

Let's go to the second floor now:

This is Kuku's nursery! My pet monkey really enjoys his room and especially his pet home. Here we had our amazing pet shower earlier this week, right after he hatched. I expect to have many pet parties on this floor - Kuku can't wait for the next one.

If we go to the third floor, you'll see this:

It's called "The Prinsess' Treasury" but I'll be using it mostly for dance parties :) There's so much room in the center - it's perfect! The furniture is awesome and the palm trees are adding a nice touch. I also like how the colors turned out... I really love this room!

And finally, the third floor balcony:

It is pretty much a private space where I could sit and relax... or daydream, if I want to... or read a nice book, when I feel like it :)

So, this is it, guys!
I am very happy with the outcome. It wasn't easy to pick furniture and paint, and arranging and renovating it was quite a project, but I had so much fun with it. And I really hope you like it, so you would come to hang out with me often.

What do you think?


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