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Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of School Year Pool Party

Hello helloooo :)

How does it feel to not have to go to school for a while? Nice, right?
We celebrated the end of the school year with a huge pool party. People were swimming, dancing, and eating sweet treats. There were even Pinatas for extra fun!

As always, there were questions and nice rewards. This time I asked about the most recent Talk Show guests here on SecretBuilders - Cleopatra and Leonardo Da Vinci, and also about our next Talk Show guest - Magellan. Quite a few people were pretty knowledgeable and that made me happy.

Also, some of my guests noticed that my pet monkey is ready to hatch. Yesss!!!
As I announced, I am having a pet hatching party on Monday. I'll send an invite when it is time. I hope you'll be able to come and share that special moment with me.

See you soon,

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