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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Become a Renaissance Fellow and change the world

Dear Parents, Teachers & Students,

SecretBuilders is pleased to launch the Renaissance Fellowship, a unique program that aims to acquaint children with great minds, thoughts and deeds in human history and to deliver a first call to community service.

The Renaissance Fellowship is free of cost and open to 11 to 13 year olds in grades 5 through 7The program will span two summers and one mid winter break.

Students admitted into the Renaissance Fellowship Program will:
  • Read a selection of children’s classics, paraphrased extracts of other writings, as well as select biographies of writers, artists, musicians, scientists and philosophers will be included in the required readings.
  • Interact with famous historical and fictional characters in a virtual “talk show setting”
  • Write about the readings throughout the upcoming school year and discuss them on SecretBuilders.
  • Meet in a group with a well know business and community leadership role model
  • Work on a unique community service project so they may use some of their newly learned skills in real world situations.
We believe this experience will boost college application credentials, better prepare students for academic, civic and professional leadership, and expose them to community service.

We'd love to have you apply before the June 24 deadline by going to


Umair Khan
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